Wear Resistance Bends


Wear Resistance Large Radius Bends for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

MS along with some major quality, reliability and high performance components for pneumatic conveying systems is manufacturing , as a result of its long and qualified experience as well as precise and efficient machining , Wear Resistance Large Radius Bends for Pneumatic Transport Systems too that better suit, in case potentially abrasive products are conveyed, with the needs .

These bends are large radius ones with reinforced, replaceable (once worn-out ) back-plate thus are lasting longer than standard large radius bends . Additionally  , once worn-out ,  the black-plate only will have to be replaced and not the entire bend. In this way significant saving and reduced maintenance will be achieved .  

Main Features :

  • Wall Thickness : For long life service the minimum wall thickness is 3mm
  • Material the bends are made of :  AISI 304
  • Radius : Six times the pipe diameter
  • Available Sizes :

Note : Detailed overall dimensions of each size of Bend is available on request by addressing the inquiry to : sales@metalworksal.com.

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