Equipment Shipment management , particularly silos , is a commitment of the manufacturer in order to ensure safer transport at reasonable cost up-to destination . This is why starting from the technical / commercial evaluations, Metalworks goes through detailed evaluations including transport’ impact . An important element, particularly for the silos, is how they are engineered, manufactured and packet . In this regard, especially for the export business that is predominant  for Metalworks,  particular attention is granted to the nesting of the parts the silos is made of and related on-site assembly impacts .

Additionally , particularly for larger silos that are neither transportable by land nor by sea, Metalworks has developed special aluminum Bolted Silos consisting of prefabricated panels assembled on site. In this case the parts silos are made of, are shipped using conventional 40 feet containers. In this way equipment are adequately protected and transportation costs are minimally impacting on the landing costs .

Thanks to worldwide Metalworks long active experience silos and equipment are securely and economically shipped throughout the world .

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