Aluminium Monolithic Silos


Metalworks is manufacturing monolithic silos in the vertical way made by Aisi 304 and Aluminium. This technology is possible thanks our tower in our facilities.
In this way the welding is done in a closed room granting the certified out the product and the best quality of the artefact. fot Each technicians employee on the silo’s manufacturing is certified by a specialist welding agency.
The diameters are from 0 to maximum diameter is 5.500mm for a total height of 24.000m. The maximum capacity is around 500m3.
Note: Bigger diameters are to be agreed if possible.
Shipping and managing of the delivery is under our experience and engineering.
Thanks our long experience we are able to ship this kind of silos over the world with limited shipping costs.

Do you need a silo? give us the first information.

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