Aluminium Advantages

Aluminum is the most abundant (8,13%) metallic element in the earth’s crust and after oxygen and silicon, the third most abundant of all elements in the crust. Because of its strong affinity to oxygen, it is not found in the elemental state but only in combined forms such as oxides or silicates.

Most of the aluminum produced today is made from bauxite. The only other ore serving as a raw material for aluminum is nepheline, a sodium potassium aluminum silicate.

Bauxite derives its name from the village of Les Bauxs in Southern France where it was discovered in 1821. The term is generic. It refers to an ore or to a mixture of minerals rich in hydrated oxides, formed of aluminous rocks such as nepheline, feldspars, serpentine, clays, etc. During weathering the silicates are decomposed and the decomposition products (silica, lime, soda, potash, etc.) are leached out, leaving behind a residue enriched in alumina, iron oxide, and titanium oxide but still containing some silica. In tropical and subtropical regions the weathering process is more intense, and this is where most of the large bauxite deposits are found, at or near the surface.

Aluminium is one of the lightest available commercial metals with a density approximately
one third that of steel, and his lightweight can reduce the need for special handling or

lifting equipment;
It has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It is also non-magnetic, non- sparking ago, and it is the second metal to malleability and sixth for ductility.
This metal, with its smooth surface is easily cleanable, promoting a hygienic environment for food processing as well.

In addition to the silos, some of the many fields in which aluminum is used are:

-Transport (in almost any type of means of transport )
-Packaging ( cans , aluminum foil , etc.).
-Construction ( windows , doors , curtain wall structures , metal coatings , sheet metal box- to pressopiegatrice etc . )
-Consumer durables ( appliances , cooking gear , etc . )
-Power lines
-Machinery and many more.

Alloys we mainly use are Al 5754 H111 and Al 5083 H111.

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